we've got you coverd

coverage when you need it, cash back when you don't


tired of paying for insurance policies you never use?

coverd is a new type of insurance that offers you customizable bundled coverage for the items you use most in life. No sketchy fine print or loopholes. The best part? You can get cash back for going without a claim.


Reinventing insurance

Customizable coverage

You choose what's coverd and for how much. It's like a totally customizable bundled policy, but better.

No deductibles

You're already paying for the policy...why pay more to make a claim?

Simple and honest

View your coverd profile anytime to see how your premiums are being calculated and find opportunities for discounts!

Speedy claims

Take a picture, load it up. Values are assigned up front, so there's no question what you get back when you make a claim.

How It Works

Step 1

Since we're just getting started we're offering coverage for a limited number of items (laptops, phones, bikes). As we grow, the more things we can cover. Have some ideas for things you'd like coverd? Send us a note!

Step 2

Assign a value and coverage amount for each item you add into your bundle. This value will be the max claim you will be able to file. And don't try anything sneaky, we've got ways to make sure your assigned values are reasonable.

Step 3

Most people end up paying tons of money for insurance policies they never use. We love those people and want to give them something better. With coverd you get rewarded for being responsible. Go a full year without making a claim? You can get a big discount off next year's premiums, or a cash-back bonus instead.

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